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3 Tips for Weight Loss Success

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How many times have you had the best intentions and “recommit” to your health, and by 10:00 am on Monday morning, you’ve already blown it!⁠

Been there, done that!⁠

For Quick results… I always turn to the Jumpstart Nutrition program that I use with all my clients in the Transformation 6 (T6) Program.

1. NUTRITION: Eat real food. Throw the processed foods and junk away. Create your success and eliminate the temptation. ⁠
This is what really helps me >> Prep my veggies, snacks and make a big salad. Magic happens when I do these few things. It requires a little planning, a trip to the grocery store… but my success rate increases dramatically to eat healthily.⁠

2. HYDRATE: Properly hydrate. Want more focus, energy, and look younger?? How about curve your appetite and improve digestion?? Drink more water. Start with 16 ounces upon waking up. I know, it is so easy to neglect this- try some infused waters, prep them have them readily available.⁠

3. EXERCISE: Schedule and commit! Grab some accountability. Have a plan, what will you do, where will you do it?⁠

Check out this video for 2 BONUS tips for easy, sustainable weight loss RESULTS!

These 3 tips are so simple yet… so hard- right?⁠

Have a plan in place is key!!! Want my proven plan and support?⁠

Transformation 6 is EXACTLY what you need to have real, sustainable WEIGHT LOSS and rapid results!⁠




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Hi ! I'm Amy!

I am on a mission to empower women to believe in their own capacity to feel amazing, to be at home in their body and one with their purpose without dieting, deprivation and hours of exercise.

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10 Days. 10 Minutes per Day. RAPID RESULTS!

10 to Trim is a SIMPLE 10 day formula that helps you burn fat, lose the bloat, and stops those cravings in their tracks!


Get immediate access to my top tips and hacks so you can finally lose those stubborn pounds, have more energy and GET TONED… QUICK!

“I am down 9.9lbs and a bunch of inches in 30 days. I didn’t measure before because I didn’t know if I was gonna stick to it (bad move on my part), but I didn’t realize how much wheat I was eating until I cut it out during this slimdown.

Thank you, Amy. I feel so energized and not only that – my mind is clearer and more focused.”

Amy S.

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