Football Friday Freebie Workout

Football Friday Freebie Workout

Football Friday Freebie workout!!! Here ya go!! LIKE and SHARE! FOOTBALL FRIDAY FREEBIE! Get your WoRkOuT on before the game. Rev up the metabolism! Burn Fat! You got this!This is a 14 minute workout that will for sure leave you huffing and puffing!Do it once! KIller!... read more

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Detox Bone Broth Soup

Detox Bone Broth Soup is my "go-to" food when I need to de-bloat and cleanse my body. I make several batches of the Detox Bone Broth Soup at a time to so I can keep a couple of quart-size bags in the freezer. I've experimented with a lot of bone broth soups to detox,...

Sugar-free Minty Cucumber Spritzer

I love all things minty and cucumber so I am excited to share with you a new all-natural, zero calorie, sugar-free mixer. Be Mixed Be Mixed uses monk fruit and stevia for sweetness. Besides being all-natural and sugar-free, it has no artificial flavors or...

Leg, Booty and Core HIIT

Tight booty, sexy legs, and a strong core? I don't know ANY woman who doesn't want that. Right? One of the top concerns I receive for exercise is lack of time. People are just plain busy. One of the biggest workout requests I receive is for the booty and abs. Today...

Berry Lemon Tart

Lemon Berry Tart This Berry Lemon Tart is a tangy, refreshing and healthy dessert. The almond flour crust is soft and buttery while the filling is creamy and tart. The berries give a sweetness to the dessert. This healthier dessert is grain free, gluten free, dairy...

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