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Transformations from some of my clients

Michelle lost 16 inches and 11 pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes and her cholesterol is lowered 90 points in 5 weeks!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating such an amazing program. I think you should know just how much you’ve changed my life.
Growing up, I was always a slim kid. Weight was never an issue for me. In my adult years, I became a fast-food junkie. Always in a rush & grabbing whatever I could in the closest available drive-thru. My weight, cholesterol, blood pressure & triglycerides suffered as a result of the garbage I was feeding myself daily. Drive-thru for breakfast and lunch was the norm for me. I have my friend Denise Morgan Smith to thank for “introducing” me to you. She shared & tagged me in one of your Fit Soul Facebook posts. I thought the app sounded like a neat approach so I decided to give it a try. It has now been 6 weeks since I started The Fit Soul program. I am already down 11 lbs. & 16 1/4 inches total! I have noticed that my skin is clearer, I’m getting a more restful sleep & I feel more energetic & less moody. I no longer feel “puffy”, bloated & drained all the time. My cholesterol went from 247 back in July to 157 just last week!

I like how the app gives me the ability to do my workouts whenever & wherever is convenient for me. No gym membership required. The meal plans are so awesome I don’t even miss all that junk food. And I feel good about myself knowing I’m eating foods that are good for me & I’m living a healthy lifestyle.
I really appreciate your responsiveness to my messages & all of the encouragement & support from you and the rest of The Fit Soul Tribe. It really helps knowing that even you succumb to cookies on occasion and that is okay! The important thing is to jump right back into eating healthy with that very next meal. None of us are going to be perfect all the time. It’s not about obsessing over calories or all the things I can’t eat. It’s about staying active & eating foods that are beneficial to my body. It’s about balance! This is not a diet for me. It’s a new way of life that I am truly enjoying!
I hope to meet you in person one day so I can hug you for saving me. You have taught me so much in such a short period of time. It’s amazing that I feel like I know you even though I’ve never even met you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Your Fit Soul Sister,
Michelle Hunter

I find it easy to modify to the level I am at.

My name is Pauline and I am a 48, soon to be 49, year old mother of three and grandmother of 1..
I jumped on board with Amy and the Fit Soul Tribe and Fitness App. I like how the exercises are quick and efficient and work many muscle groups. I find it easy to modify to the level I am at.

Next, I love the nutritional support from Amy through the app. I found that Amy’s recipes and eating plans helped me to tweak what I was doing at home and made me feel a greater sense of accountability. My husband sometimes grumbled at first… but now he tells everyone how I sneakily put him on a diet and we have each lost about 10 pounds since making some changes to how we eat.

Amy Ramsey, thank you for your endless energy and knowledge of exercise and nutrition. I am thrilled to be a part of your Fit Soul Tribe. I value the importance of being the best version of myself that I can be and the Fit Soul App is helping me to achieve and maintain my health and nutrition goals.

Cheers to all the Fit Souls out there and to those who might be thinking about becoming one. I am including an August picture and a current vacation picture to show my progress.


Pauline Gagne-Crump

Finally a success for me!

I have been working out with Amy’s programs for nearly 4 years. I did some one on one work with her trying to figure out a plan that works for me!

I would follow her nutrition plan and protocols for a while and get overwhelmed by the changes I needed to make and quit.

I had the mindset that I was working out hard so I didn’t really focus on what I was eating until 2 years ago.

I was diagnosed with some stomach issues. After a year of no relief with gut issues it forced me to look at my diet to heal my tummy.

So I made the changes and committed to them. I continued to work out hard and do better in the kitchen!

Finally a success for me! I am not working out as much as I have in the past and continue to see changes in my body and my overall health. I do try to move my body in some way daily but I have finally learned that what goes on my mouth in just as important as exercise!!

It has never felt like a diet. It has never felt like denial.

I think I’m most grateful that since May you’ve kept me living a healthier, better life! Each round is fresh and keeps moving me forward to a necessary routine of care for myself. What you are building adds up to a substantial life! Hope you know how many souls you affect along the way!!

…So today when I decided I should weigh before the holidays, I was so super anxious. I just knew I’d be back to the pre-fit soul weight and back to the starting line….

And then I wasn’t! In fact I was exactly where I left off! Do you know how big a deal it is to maintain for the last 7 months? It has never felt like a diet. It has never felt like denial. But truly it’s living better – for 7 months!!

. And I don’t feel like the holidays are any type of obstacle.

I’m thankful for you, sweet friend who changed my life this year.


Amy’s constant encouragement is key for me!

I love how she keeps it REAL while keeping me focused on a healthy lifestyle. The email and app support really keep me motivated during my busy weeks! Also her education on eating clean has been extremely helpful for me personally. Not only am I leaning out by doing these workouts but I’m learning how to make healthy choices at the grocery and while eating out to keep those extra LBS off!

– Ashley Wooten

Transformations impact others.

The Fit Soul Tribe is truly blessed by the changes and transformation Tamara shares with us. We are encouraged by her- BUT her family is being transformed- Tamara’s results are obvious in these images, but listen to how precious this is.
” While I am following you (The Fit Soul programs) my 6-year-old is following me. This morning Caitlyn woke up and asked me for water, and asks every morning, she has been doing this for months. Her last semester of Kindergarten she started asking me to make sure she was taking healthy snacks to school.

She is now in the 1st grade and still asks for healthy snacks and salads. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your passion and helping us transition to a healthier lifestyle.”

– Tamara Poole

Diet choices are key and exercise really helps to pull it all together.

Quite honestly, I have been amazed at the obvious improvement in my digestive system with the dietary changes Amy has talked about. AND I’M A GI DOCTOR! I have lost weight, have more energy (which is great for my kids) and I sleep better.

Diet choices are key and exercise really helps to pull it all together. I love that it’s all about choices and not a strict regimen- that way, splurging on the diet a bit can be built in and not feel like “cheating.”

I appreciate Amy for meal prep tips, advice on eating out, and creating 10 minute workout videos! She gives us all the pieces- we just have to put them together!

Pediatric Gastroenterologist

I saw incredible results and changes in my body.

“I had gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant with my second child, and, after having him, I finally got to a point where I had to tell myself “something has to change.” I started working out at my local gym, and for a while I worked out 4-5 days a week, and I had lost a little bit of weight, but it wasn’t until I started working with Amy that the pounds started to disappear. I saw incredible results and changes in my body. Not only does Amy teach you a lot about foods and exercising, but she teaches you overall health with positive attitudes as well! Amy is so encouraging and holds you accountable to help you along the way!”

-Cassidy Satcher

I feel so energized

“I am down 9.9lbs and a bunch of inches from the Sexy Slimdown. I didn’t measure before because I didn’t know if I was gonna stick to it (bad move on my part), but I didn’t realize how much wheat I was eating until I cut it out during this slimdown.

Thank you, Amy. I feel so energized and not only that – my mind is clearer and more focused.”

– Amy S.

“She made me truly feel like I could change, and love it.”

The month of February, my life started to change…
I’m in the fitness Industry and work long hours, trying to take care of my clients. Well, I was taking care of them but not myself, not eating right or getting proper rest. Certainly not getting my exercise in as much as I wanted.

I knew something had to change, my health is the most important thing to me because I am a breast cancer survivor- 13 years! (All thanks to God!) I have several other medical issues but that never stopped me from doing what I love and helping others to feel better and mentally for themselves.

I knew I to change a lot things in my life, if not, my medical symptoms, even cancer could re-occur. That’s when I got in touch with Amy, honestly, the best decision I’ve made in a long time. OMG, she has changed my life so much! The way I look at things, life, goals, and the things I put into my mouth.

I am a Great Motivator, but the motivator needs motivating, and Amy is just that person.
She is very caring and very passionate about so many things. When I slipped up (because I am kinda hard headed) she would just say, ok, now let’s figure out what is going on and try to correct it.

I love her 80/20 rule! Eat clean 80% of the time and enjoy my 20% guilt free.
The best thing I can say about Amy is I thought I could never change, but wanted to so badly. She made me truly feel like I could change, and love it.

My blood pressure is down tremendously and my weight is down by 20 pounds! I feel so much better physically and mentally. I have never eaten so much green stuff (vegetables) in my life: shakes, teas, herbs and I am loving it! Thank you Amy, I am not just your client I feel as if I have found a friend for life.


This class has been so beneficial in my journey for a healthy lifestyle!

“Ditch the Diet, This class has been more than just a nutrition class! Amy Ramsey brings her beautiful self not only in body but also in spirit as she guides you through many phases of learning. From food prepping to actual grocery shopping, to realizing your strengths and weaknesses in life. This class has been so beneficial in my journey for a healthy lifestyle! “

-Jill Gunn

Amy is doing a great work to help people get healthier

With Amy’s program, I lost 7 pounds the first week, 10 by the second week, 11 by the third. But better than that, I got off my blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, and Celebrex, because the inflammation was gone in my body. 6 months later at my wellness check-up, my numbers have continued to drop that my doctors are astounded and couldn’t believe the improvements I made because of this program. Amy is doing a great work to help people get healthier.

– B. Thompson

I lost 5 pounds, which is huge

I feel so much better, I think because of my illness, I’ve become very aware of my body and how certain foods make me feel. One week into this, stomach bloat was nonexistent. As time went on, my skin became clearer and smoother. In the first 2 weeks I lost 5 pounds, which is huge, especially considering I am in full blown menopause with some specific thyroid issues…

– Michele Whatley

have changed and I love it!

“When I started, I struggled to get through the workouts. Amy encouraged me to push and always reminded me I am stronger than I think. I also enjoy the community of the ladies within The Fit Soul. I have seen so many changes in my body. I have lost weight and inches, but I have gained muscle. Amy is an awesome coach. She truly cares about my individual goals and works hard to help me achieve those goals.” 

– Anne Marie Tipton

Amy’s energy and workouts always keep me coming back for more

“Amy’s energy and workouts always keep me coming back for more! We’ve never repeated a workout, and she pushes me to be the best me. I cannot recommend Amy’s program enough. She knows what it takes for you to find success in your overall fitness journey. If you want a fitness program for your mind, body, and soul, you’ve come to the right place.”

– Jessi Allan

I would recommend this class to anyone!

“I have really enjoyed Amy Ramsey’s Ditch the Diet class so much! Not only do you learn health and nutrition tips, but you also learn how to adjust to life’s challenges, and overcome them with better health and nutrition. This class helps you to focus on you and finding the right balance to live to your fullest.

I would recommend this class to anyone!! I have learned so much and feel very blessed after each session to become more empowered.”

– Lindsay Buford

“Amy’s excitement with her exercise regime is contagious. “

Amy’s enthusiasm and zest for a health of mind, body, and spirit are relentless and inspiring! I was in search of a healthier way of eating that did not make me feel deprived and required me to eat processed “diet” foods to lose weight.

Amy’s knowledge is spot on for good healthy clean eating that satiates and nourishes your body.

I feel and look so much better and have more energy too!

Amy’s excitement with her exercise regime is contagious. Her app is flexible and easy to use and fun! It is easy to get excited about exercise and fitness.

What I have learned from Amy will serve me well from now on to live my best life and never fall victim to fad diets again!

-Rhonda Bertolet

thank you for the support and opportunity

Amy – thank you for the support and opportunity of your app. You are amazingly kind and strong and Godly. I appreciate that you encourage balance between all things and keep Him first. Good luck to you!

Sarah Howard

This was awesome!

Dawn lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks!! She reported feeling supported and encouraged by me and The Fit Soul Tribe. She was motivated to check-in and do her workouts.
Here is what she had to say about the program:

This was awesome! User friendly app with combo of great nutrition ideas that are very doable, exercises with modifications for all levels, and great honest accountability!! Love it!

In 3 short weeks: Improved digestion, better focus and attention, clearer and brighter skin, WEIGHT-LOSS, clothes fit better, more natural energy, and more endurance.

D. Dozier

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