“I had gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant with my second child, and, after having him, I finally got to a point where I had to tell myself “something has to change.” I started working out at my local gym, and for a while I worked out 4-5 days a week, and I had lost a little bit of weight, but it wasn’t until I started working with Amy that the pounds started to disappear. I saw incredible results and changes in my body. Not only does Amy teach you a lot about foods and exercising, but she teaches you overall health with positive attitudes as well! Amy is so encouraging and holds you accountable to help you along the way!” Cassidy Satcher

“Quite honestly, I have been amazed at the obvious improvement in my digestive system with the dietary changes Amy has talked about. AND I’M A GI DOCTOR! I have lost weight, have more energy (which is great for my kids) and I sleep better. Diet choices are key and exercise really helps to pull it all together. I love that it’s all about choices and not a strict regimen- that way, splurging on the diet a bit can be built in and not feel like “cheating.” I appreciate Amy for meal prep tips, advice on eating out, and creating10-minutee workout videos! She gives us all the pieces- we just have to put them together!” Dr. Angela Shannon- 6-month program – Pediatric Gastroenterologist

“I have loved being a part of Amy Ramsey’s class over the past two years and would highly recommend it. Her classes cover both cardio and muscle building using HIIT and are never boring. Amy challenges us both mentally and physically and uses a whole body approach to fitness. She provides an encouraging atmosphere yet she pushes you to your potential and beyond. Amy loves nutrition and has taught me to focus on eating things that really benefit my body. The changes I have made in my diet because of her will always stay with me. Amy’s classes address the spirit and not just the body. She is constantly reminding us to focus on the important things in life and to be grateful for the bodies we have. I remember one workout during “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” where we prayed for women we knew with breast cancer all while we held a plank! You can tell that Amy sincerely cares about her clients – inside and out!” Ginger Arledge

After being blindsided with a cancer diagnosis at the age of 40, I began a mission to get my health in the best shape I could. I had a terrible diet, hated vegetables, loved sugar, I enjoyed exercise, but I am the poster child for “you can’t out exercise a bad diet”. Over the past four years, I have researched, and studied until I found, what I thought would be the best way for me put my body in the best shape possible and give it everything it needed to fight off cancer and any other crazy disease that might come my way. In my journey, I met Amy Ramsey, at the time, my trainer. Her attitude and personality are infectious, but quickly you realize, when it comes to health, she knows her stuff. I was immediately drawn to her, because all of the things she talked about, were the things I was trying to implement in my life. So, when she asked me to be a charter member of her Ditch the Diet Program, I jumped at the opportunity. For me personally, I already knew what I needed to be eating, but Amy helped me pull all of it together into a lifestyle that is now just “what I do”. She taught me prep ideas, cooking ideas, organization and helped me understand that creativity with flavors and spices is what makes this lifestyle so doable. It did not happen overnight, but with her help, I now navigate the grocery store totally different. I feel so much better, I think because of my illness, I’ve become very aware of my body and how certain foods make me feel. One week into this, stomach bloat was nonexistent. As time went on, my skin became clearer and smoother. In the first 2 weeks I lost 5 pounds, which is huge, especially considering I am in full blown menopause with some specific thyroid issues. In fact, over the past year and a half, I’ve consistently gained without any change in diet and maintaining a weekly exercise plan. But honestly, I truly do not care about the weight anymore. When you feel good, really good, and know that you are being kind to your body, you look good! There is simply no way around it! Another VERY important piece to this is Hormone Balance. This is something I’ve struggled with all my life and ultimately, excess estrogen was the cause of my cancer. So, a large part of my journey has been a quest for true hormone balance. If this is a problem for you, you’ve probably already realized that this is a topic that most doctors just won’t tackle. Forget your doctors, hormone balance can be achieved, but believe me, the very first and absolute #1 step is your diet. It cannot be done without addressing what is going into your body. Two to three weeks into this I noticed a DRAMATIC decrease in hot flashes, which in turn meant a tremendous increase in my sleep. Again, the weight loss and skin clarity were positive side effects as well. This is the very best part! It truly make me feel like me again. So far, I’ve made almost every one of Amy’s recipes, and gotten rave reviews I might add. I’ve learned how to take those veggies that I hated before and season and cook them in a whole new way. I’ve learned to identify sugar (the devil) in all of its sneaky sneaky forms. I’ve learned that a few hours a prep makes all the difference. I highly recommend this program. One thing that I know for sure is, your body wants so badly to be well. It works so hard for you, fighting off invaders, healing cuts and bruises, just carrying you through life… you owe it to your body to give it the VERY best that you can. That includes the very best foods and the very best quality of foods. It will thank you for it, believe me.” Michele Whatley

“Ditch the Diet, This class has been more than just a nutrition class! Amy Ramsey brings her beautiful self not only in body but also in spirit as she guides you through many phases of learning. From food prepping to actual grocery shopping, to realizing your strengths and weaknesses in life. This class has been so beneficial in my journey for a healthy lifestyle! ” Jill Gunn

“I was hesitant to have any expectations when I began The Fit Soul with Amy Hill Ramsey as I knew that, in the past, learning about healthy nutrition and implementing it are two totally separate beasts. I was shockingly surprised to discover that there is something about the way Amy presents this information that actually empowered me when it came to implementing what I learned. For me specifically, I found the honesty of her approach motivating. Amy provided us with foundational truths about how our bodies are affected by our nutrition, movement, thought processes and our spiritual walk. Amy challenged us to step outside the norm of the American experience and become curious about our bodies when we are experiencing discomfort that could be linked to nutrition, exercise and cognitive processes. I was very pleased to see that not only did she equip us with information she also provided amazing recipes which I have been making regularly. Amy is also very realistic about how busy life is and provided multiple time saving tools and strategies as well as presenting us with an organized approach to maintaining these practices that seems to facilitate an ease in follow through during the busyness of daily life. I am extremely pleased with the time spent learning from her and look forward to continuing to learn from her in the future.” Holly Jackson

“I am down 9.9lbs and a bunch of inches from the Sexy Slimdown. I didn’t measure before because I didn’t know if I was gonna stick to it (bad move on my part), but I didn’t realize how much wheat I was eating until I cut it out during this slimdown. Thank you, Amy. I feel so energized and not only that – my mind is clearer and more focused.” Amy S.

My blood pressure is down tremendously and my weight is down by 20 pounds! I feel so much better physically and mentally…I knew I wanted to change a lot of things in my life, if not, my medical symptoms, even cancer could re-occur. That’s when I got in touch with Amy, honestly, the best decision I’ve made in a long time. OMG, she has changed my life so much! The way I look at things, life, goals, and the things I put into my mouth…One of the best things I can say about Amy is I thought I could never change but wanted to so badly. She made me truly feel like I could change, I have changed and I love it! C.F. Personal Trainer- Jackson MS

“Joining The Fit Soul with Amy Ramsey was the highlight of my busy schedule over the past month. Amy is very knowledgeable about nutrition and finding balance in life. She has great insight to the struggles we all face and is very encouraging. Her encouragement is put into action when she helps you by giving you easy, healthy, balanced, wonderful meals to prepare that you whole family will enjoy. She knocks it out of the park!! Her positive energy is so contagious and all the way around, The Fit Soul, is good for your soul! Give Amy a chance to help you. You will not be disappointed.” Marcy Sanders Clark

“This was my first experience with a health coach and it was definitely worth it. Amy is extremely knowledgeable about your body, exercise, nutrition, and supplements. I learned so much in our one-on-one meetings (emotional issues included). Those meetings were so personal and I know that Amy really cares. She is passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm is contagious. I enjoyed our sessions together so much that I decided to keep Amy as a coach after my “package” had expired.

Amy was full of suggestions in areas that I struggled with – cravings late afternoon and my sweet tooth after dinner. She had delicious recipes that I’ve prepared over and over again. I even had her come to my house to show me how to prepare and cook various dishes, and our time together was priceless. She’s so confident; something I aspire to be in the kitchen.

I’ve lost weight and inches, gained muscle, I have more energy and overall, I just feel better. You can’t find a better deal than that! I feel like for the first time in my life I know and understand enough about eating clean and healthy that it’s become a lifestyle.” Karen Cockrell

“Amy explained nutrition and made it simple to understand. She also gave great ideas and examples that I have been able to implement immediately. The program has been motivating and encouraging. Through the process of eating a whole foods diet, I immediately noticed less bloating. I also have more energy. I am not snacking as much which is a big deal for me. Because I am eating better, I am not hungry between meals! “The recommendations and suggestions of the Ditch the Diet program have helped me get organized and save time. I love all the ideas and recipes and have been able to use them in my busy schedule, which has helped me save time. I have really enjoyed the new recipes. Amy has encouraged me to take an integrative approach with my nutrition, fitness and mindset. I have also learned the importance of self-care. I would most definitely recommend The Ditch The Diet program to others! I have lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks, which is very close to my goal weight.” Crystal Scott

“When I started, I struggled to get through the workouts. Amy encouraged me to push and always reminded me I am stronger than I think. I also enjoy the community of the ladies within The Fit Soul. I have seen so many changes in my body. I have lost weight and inches, but I have gained muscle. Amy is an awesome coach. She truly cares about my individual goals and works hard to help me achieve those goals.” Anne Marie Tipton

“I have really enjoyed Amy Ramsey’s Ditch the Diet class so much! Not only do you learn health and nutrition tips, but you also learn how to adjust to life’s challenges, and overcome them with better health and nutrition. This class helps you to focus on you and finding the right balance to live to your fullest. I would recommend this class to anyone!! I have learned so much and feel very blessed after each session to become more empowered.” Lindsay Buford

“Amy’s enthusiasm and zest for health of mind, body, and spirit is relentless and inspiring! I was in search of a healthier way of eating that did not make me feel deprived and required me to eat processed “diet” food to lose weight. Amy’s knowledge is spot on of good healthy clean foods that satiate and nourish your body. I feel and look so much better and have more energy too!! Amy’s excitement with her own exercise regime is contagious and she generously shares online and in her classes many fun ways to get excited about exercise and fitness. What I have learned from Amy will serve me well from now on to live my best life and never fall victim to fad diets ever again!!” Rhonda Bertolet

“Amy’s energy and workouts always keep me coming back for more! We’ve never repeated a workout, and she pushes me to be the best me. I cannot recommend Amy’s program enough. She knows what it takes for you to find success in your overall fitness journey. If you want a fitness program for your mind, body, and soul, you’ve come to the right place.” Jessi Allan

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