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My Transformation. See how I shed the weight – it may not be what you think!

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For nearly 20 years, I have been helping women “get fit”. This comes easily to me as I am a natural motivator and am passionate about fitness and helping others.

But, let me give you a little history:

My thirties were not my best decade. For 11 years in a row, I was “29” because I thought being in my thirties was so OLD! I had tremendous shame over my divorces (yes, two). I was broken and my kiddos were hurting.


Heartache & Brokenness.


I learned to “hide”. I hid behind a big smile and acted like everything was okay. I deflected all conversations off of my personal life. I didn’t want to be known or vulnerable with anyone – especially myself. It was too embarrassing and painful.


 I almost let life and circumstances beat me down.


Satan sure is sneaky! I wanted to keep hiding. As a Christian, I felt that my divorces disqualified me in God’s eyes – I had really blown it too badly.

As I type these words fresh tears fall.

I was almost paralyzed by shame. It took me years to wrap my mind, heart, and soul around God’s amazing grace. I had to shed emotional weight and limiting beliefs that had me paralyzed – LITERALLY hiding and shrinking back. I had to learn who I am in Christ. I now walk in the identity of who Christ says I am.

In Christ, I am…

An Overcomer

Highly Favored


Daughter of the Most High God






I am WHOLE, only because of Christ and walking in HIS identity.

It is not in my own strength or personal development courses. It is not because I decided to “pick myself up by the bootstraps” and keep going. I finally made the decision to stop living in shame and choose to heal. This was a hard and long process and did not happen overnight by any means. I had to let the Holy Spirit teach me a new pattern of thinking and press forward with grit and determination. I will never go back.

If you are broken and hurting, run to Jesus. He is the only One that can truly heal the deepest hurts, pains, and longing in your heart.

Fast forward – I am no longer hiding. My smile is now Genuine. Real. Authentic. My forties brought fresh confidence, strength, resilience, and determination to actually LIVE my best life. I am walking in the Truth and Light of who God says I am.

Today, I proudly admit my age. I would not trade any of the lessons I have learned through my mistakes, pain, abusive relationships, heartbreak, and loss. I am no longer ashamed of my past or hide my mistakes. I speak before groups and share my story and it is helping other women overcome.

I am not perfect but will always continue to strive forward. I am looking to the future with great expectation, hope, and excitement, anxious to see all that God has in store for me.

With all of my crazy life experiences, I am now helping women overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. Because of my own pain and life circumstances, I have deep empathy to coach and cheer women on toward their Transformation – mind, body, soul and spirit.

A transformation is possible for you too. Don’t let your circumstances, mistakes, limiting beliefs, hurts, pain, fear or anything else rob you from the abundant life God has you.  You have one precious life to live and every day (every breath)  is a blessed gift. Keep pressing forward friend.




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Hi ! I'm Amy!

I am on a mission to empower women to believe in their own capacity to feel amazing, to be at home in their body and one with their purpose without dieting, deprivation and hours of exercise.

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Thank you, Amy. I feel so energized and not only that – my mind is clearer and more focused.”

Amy S.

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