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Lessons I’ve Learn from the Coronavirus

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COVID Blessings: Lessons and Insights from a 10-Year-Old

Week 1 of the COVID shelter in place had all of America almost numb. Fear and uncertainty were sweeping the nation as life as we all knew it had abruptly come to a screeching halt. It was shocking, confusing, and scary.

Like many of you, the only “place” I could go was for a walk in my neighborhood. My sweet Annabelle (4-pound Malti-poo) might or might not be completely spoiled to all the extra walks!  As I was processing our world’s  “weird new normal,” I saw my delightful and insightful 10-year-old neighbor Olivia.

I am very fond of my young friend, as she comes down to visit occasionally. We have fabulous chats about her ideas, her dreams, and her big bright future. She has a big heart and an old soul. She’s creative, smart, insightful, and wants to be famous. She will be famous one day, I am sure of this. 

Olivia was sitting on her bike at the end of her driveway, looking as if she was feeling as confused and anxious as I was. I stopped a socially safe 6 feet from her and asked how she was doing. After a 10 minute conversation, I knew I had to share her insightful and young perspective. 

Because of technology, Olivia and I were able to “stay safe at home” and collaborate on this blog via Google Documents! How fun is that? Another COVID blessing… 😊

Here are Olivia’s Insights:

School is not so so bad

One thing I’ve realized these past few weeks is that school is a lot better than being stuck at home. I never really loved school, but I’d rather go and get a good education than be bored at home sitting on the couch. When I’m at school, I want to be at home, but when you can’t leave [the house], I wish I was at school getting to see my friends. When I get something I want, I use it for a while and then I want something else. I always want what I don’t have. But, even if I don’t have exactly what I want all the time, I still should be grateful for what I do have while I have it. I should start making the most of the time I have. And maybe even try something new.

Practicing more gratitude for what I have

School isn’t really that bad. I notice it now more than ever. You get to learn new things and see good friends. And I love getting to see my teachers. Sometimes I don’t see the good things and only look at the negative things. I should be more grateful for each and every moment.   

I am learning to be more grateful and accept the things I have. Do you do the same thing?

Looking at the bright side

Since I will be out of school it has pushed me to be more creative. I have been doing a lot more projects and coming up with more ideas. I have planted a garden, made a few posters, and tie-dyed t-shirts. I’m starting to think that it has helped me to be more accepting of everything.

There is always a lesson to be learned, even in difficult situations 

What coronavirus has taught me is that everything happens for a purpose. I don’t always know what that purpose is but I know it is going to have at least the tiniest bit of an impact on the world somehow. Even if it is not what I wanted to happen,it will do some good. From each event, there is a lesson to learn and I need to find what that lesson is.  

Thank you Olivia for sharing! I know this will inspire and help others of all ages. Please help us spread this blog to others by sharing it! (remember, she will be famous)

If you want to hear more from Olivia, let us know – maybe she should start her own blog??

Stay positive, safe and well!!


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