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Tight booty, sexy legs, and a strong core?

I don’t know ANY woman who doesn’t want that. Right?

One of the top concerns I receive for exercise is lack of time. People are just plain busy.

One of the biggest workout requests I receive is for the booty and abs. Today I’ve got an awesome Leg, Booty and Core HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout for you. It’ll save you time, PLUS work your booty and abs.

Time management at it’s finest =).


  • Shed fat fast
  • Help boost your metabolism
  • Maintain and build lean muscle mass
  • Tone the tush
  • Slim the midsection
  • Build a stronger heart
  • Save time- workouts are quick
  • Save money- you can do them anywhere



To make sure you’re maximizing any short work-out, you must fully engage proper muscles- especially the glutes and abs.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with these two key areas is not understanding how to properly engage the booty and core so they can make their workouts more effective in less time, every time.

I’d been teaching and training for years before I realized I wasn’t properly activating my core in every exercise. As a result, I had chronic back pain and a weak core.

  • Your core (abs) are made up of a few dozen, layered and interlocking muscles that work together. They are the center point for nearly every movement you make. 
  • These muscles keep the spine stabilized and the body upright.
  • Your core muscles work in every movement you do.
  • Stabilizing and activating your core while you’re exercising will strengthen your body in everything you do. It will help prevent injury, and help you uncover your abdominal muscles much quicker.
  • Your gluteus maximus (butt muscles) are the largest muscles in your body. They’re very important to stabilize your hips and legs and keep you upright. 
  • Strong glutes not only look good, but they help prevent injury and aid in fat loss!

Many people aren’t actually fully activating these muscles in their workouts, which means they don’t see the results of their hard work.

For this workout- You’ll be working for 45 seconds, then 15 seconds of rest AND repeat! Feel free to work for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds if you need to. There are 5 exercises.

  1. Alternating squat with a sidekick.
  2. Frog Clicks
  3. Rear Lunge or a Plyo Rear Lunge
  4. Glute Bridge
  5. V-Sits



Leg, Booty, and Core HIIT from Amy Hill Ramsey on Vimeo.

Remember- Abs are mostly made in the kitchen! You simply can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Having proper whole-food nutrition, along with HIIT workouts and strength training- and BOOM!!! Watch the beautiful results happen!!

For help in proper nutrition, check out my Slim-down Nutrition Program– a step by step guide to help you get started with clean eating. The program includes more than 40 recipes, meal plans, a shopping list, a food journal and a program guide. https://www.thefitsoul.com/product/sexy-slimdown-regular/.

Let’s go FIT SOUL!!! Rock out this workout!



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