Lemon Ginger Water

Lemon Ginger Water

This delicious, refreshing Lemon Ginger Water recipe will help detoxify, heal and rehydrate your body. Hunger is often confused with dehydration. Next time you feel like a snack, have a glass of water. Even mild dehydration can alter your body’s metabolism, so... read more

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 A Painful Past With a Powerful Future This confident, strong & successful woman you see is not who I used to be. 9 1/2 years ago, a small U-Haul trailer held all of my worldly belongings, but there wasn’t  a U-Haul big enough for all my pain and baggage. As...


Soul Care was Airplane Mode The Perfect storm happened this week. End of month is always a little more hectic. Hurricane Ida partially displaced me, Randy and all of my New Orleans family. It was hectic and stressful. Our New Orleans family is still waiting on power...

My 2021 Word of the Year

Hustle versus Surrender Every entrepreneur knows this struggle is real. Each year, I take time to take to reassess the previous year and make goals that align with my life’s prioritizes. Being a typical strong willed type A, I struggle with my self-Imposed busy...

How to Overcome Holiday Overwhelm and Exhaustion

  Let’s be honest, the holidays can be completely overwhelming and exhausting. A worldwide pandemic has brought us a fair share of stress, confusion, and overwhelm. When your to-do list is too long, your mind never stops racing, and you feel like you can never...

Determination & Leadership for a Good Cause

Good news that will put a smile on your face? Let me tell you about the determination and leadership of my young friend Teddi. Teddi, with the help of her family, raised over $7000 with Jackson, Mississippi’s first ever Tunnel to Towers 5K. The donations from this...

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