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Breast Cancer: 5 Things to Change that Could Save Your Life

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Approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a staggering statistic that has impacted all of our lives.

Our bodies want so badly to be well and have optimal health.

My friend Michelle is one of those 1 in 8 who is diagnosed with breast cancer but is a 6-year breast cancer survivor! I recently had a chance to interview her about the 5 things she did that helped save her life.

Here are Michelle’s 5 steps for breast cancer awareness and prevention:


By the age of 40, you should be getting a mammogram annually. This is so important for early awareness and detection.

Or, look in thermography. Thermography is a great alternative to get a baseline without radiation. You can learn more about thermography here >> https://thermographyadvantage.com/


This is FREE to do and you should be doing it once a month – not just in October. If you’re unsure how to do a breast self-examination, here is a simple step-by-step to help you learn how.


Get a base level reading of hormones and have them checked every year to year. Breast cancer is often hormone-driven. The hormone form of cancer is more driven than the genetic form of cancer. You can take steps to balance your hormones, but you must know what imbalances you have first. Some symptoms of hormone imbalance may include breast tenderness before your menstrual cycle, PCOS, etc.

Estrogen dominance suppresses progesterone. Be your health advocate and learn your body. Michelle recommends ZRT Laboratory for getting your hormone levels checked.


If it smells good, it probably isn’t good for you!

Cancer-causing chemicals, like Xenoestrogens, are found in a variety of everyday items including “good smelling” cleaning supplies, make-up, plastic containers, bug sprays, sunscreens and more.  Unfortunately, all of the above may be altering the way our body naturally functions because they all contain xenoestrogens, which are endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors are a category of chemicals that alter the normal function of hormones.

Want to know more about endocrine disruptors? Get a free guide of endocrine disruptors here >> https://www.ewg.org/research/dirty-dozen-list-endocrine-disruptors


Processed foods, sugar, fast foods, conventionally raised meats, etc. are quite literally killing us and/or robbing us of optimal health. Eat plenty of vegetables and whole foods. As a rule of thumb, shop the perimeter of the grocery store.

Breast cancer has sadly affected us all and is not getting any better. Although there’s no sure-fire way to prevent breast cancer, certain lifestyle habits are linked to a lower risk of it developing or returning.

Here are certain risk factors we can control. The Fit Soul Programs are all about living a healthy lifestyle by developing healthy, sustainable habits. Click here to learn more.  According to the American Cancer Society, here are some ways you can take charge and fight cancer:

    • Keep your weight in check. 
    • Be physically active. Evidence is growing that regular physical activity helps reduce your breast cancer risk. It also helps keep your weight under control, which may also lower your risk.
      • Eat a healthy diet. Studies link a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, and low-fat dairy products to a reduced breast cancer risk. A healthy diet also helps you stay at a healthy weight.
      • If you drink alcohol, limit how much you drink. Research has shown that women who have 2 or more alcoholic drinks daily have a higher risk of breast cancer than women who drink only 1 drink a day or not at all.


Ladies, 1 in every 8. The odds are not in our favor. Although there’s no sure-fire way to prevent breast cancer, certain lifestyle habits are linked to a lower risk of it developing or returning. Be your health advocate. Fight now and take every precaution possible you can control.

At The Fit Soul,

We support the Fighters

Admire the Survivors

And always Remember and Honor our taken sisters.


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