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I work with a lot of women who are looking to lose weight.

Some of these women need a whole lifestyle overhaul, from nutrition to their fitness – all the things.

But, some of them have tried to lose weight over and over and over. They’ve honed in on their nutrition. Their getting their workouts in. They feel like they’re doing everything they should be doing, but they’re still not seeing results.

Sound like you?!

Well, guess what? My #1 tip for fat loss is SIMPLE.


Sleep is one of my 6 Pillars of Health we focus on in my T6 Group Coaching Program, and it can have a dramatic effect on how you are able to lose – and keep off – fat!

A lack of sleep causes inflammation in the body and your cortisol levels (your stress hormone) that causes you to hold on to belly fat. Lack of sleep also causes a decrease in leptin, which is our hormone that tells us when we are full, so we are going to struggle with cravings. Your hormone grelin is also increased that makes you want to eat carbs and fat, leading to weight gain.

So, how can we get more sleep and lose fat fast? Here are 5 actionable steps for you to get more – and BETTER – sleep and start seeing RESULTS and fat loss!


1. Create a nighttime routine.

Have some structure around what you do every night so that your brain starts to realize and get in the habit of when it’s time to sleep. This includes keeping your bedtime consistent. Go to bed every night at the same time so that your body adapts and is ready for sleep.

2. Don’t go to bed until you’re sleepy.

Dr. Christina P. Parker talks about what your bed is for, and it should ONLY be used for sickness, sleep, and sex. This allows your brain to realize what it’s time to do. If you’re working from your bed regularly, your brain will think that the bed is made for work, and it’ll be harder to shut your brain off. Keep your bed for sleep only.

(Dr. Christina P. Parker is one of the guest experts in my Transformation 6 Group Coaching program and will be sharing even more tips and advice on how to get better sleep!)

3. Make your bed sleep ready.

Keep your bedroom quiet. Lower the thermostat and keep your room a little cooler (your husband can use a blanket) – around 67-69 degrees. Keep your bedroom relaxing and comfortable.

4. Avoid things that disrupt sleep.

Power down before bed. You should turn off the computer or phone at least an hour before bed (if not more). Put your phone in another room so that you’re not tempted to look at it before bed. You NEED a digital detox every single night so that your brain can shut down or power down.

5. Exercise regularly.

This helps make your body more tired. This doesn’t mean exercising closer to bed, but find a time where you can keep consistent with your exercise so that you get better sleep.

If you want to have better sleep habits and finally lose fat once and for all, Transformation 6 is THE program to help make that possible for you!

We are starting soon – limited spots are available! Join today!



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Hi ! I'm Amy!

I am on a mission to empower women to believe in their own capacity to feel amazing, to be at home in their body and one with their purpose without dieting, deprivation and hours of exercise.

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Thank you, Amy. I feel so energized and not only that – my mind is clearer and more focused.”

Amy S.

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