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4 Steps to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Are you having trouble getting in your daily workout or staying consistent with an exercise program?

Maybe you have great intentions. Maybe you really do want to be more active, but you keep falling short of your fitness goals. You get started but you struggle to stick with it. You always set a New Year’s Resolution to start an exercise program, but come February, you’ve already fallen off the bandwagon.

If that sounds like you, I have the answer that will help you finally make those lasting changes and help you achieve those fitness goals.

The secret to success and finally achieving those fitness goals is more than just about setting the goal. As James Clear says, “Winners and losers have the same goals.”

Think about it… No one has the goal to become diabetic, or having cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, or any other lifestyle-related disease.

That it comes down to is a focus on improving your SYSTEMS to create HABITS instead of just concentrating on your fitness and weightloss GOALS.

For my clients to have success, I teach them to create the success they want by having a system and plan for being healthy, fit, strong, and active. It’s not just about them setting the goal for those things to happen – we have to have a system and plan in place to achieve that success and lasting change.

If you haven’t read James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, I highly recommend that you do! It provides a simple step-by-step framework to help you adopt new habits and break old ones. In fact, I love his book so much that I adapted his framework of how to create a new habit to my program, the Fit Soul 6 Slimdown Program.

In the program, we break down the 4 stages of creating new healthy habits so we can actually reach our goals in a way that is sustainable. You can apply these 4 steps to forming any new habit so that you are no longer frustrated and inconsistent.

If you struggle with making exercise a daily priority (aka HABIT) in your life, here are a few ideas based on these 4 steps that will help you to be more consistent and actually achieve your fitness goals…

1. Make it Obvious

Lay out your workout clothes the night before. Literally layout everything – socks, shoes, jacket, yoga mat, workout towel, etc. Anything that you will have for that workout, set it out the night before so you are prepared ahead of time.

And then schedule your workout into your day, just like you would any other appointment. Have a plan of what you are going to do and plan it out the night before.
Here’s an example of how to make exercise easy and obvious:

I will do (name of workout or exercise) in (location) at (time of day).

For my clients, this might look like… “I will do The Fit Soul workout in my living room at 8:00 am.” They have access to the Fit Soul App, which has a calendar with a workout for each day, making this step super easy and a no-brainer as to what to do each day.

2. Make it Attractive: Get a Tribe

Join a culture where exercise and being fit is the norm. Have you ever heard the saying that you are the 5 people who are closest to you? Our habits are going to look similar to those people who are close to us. So, if they are working to be healthier, we are more likely to follow suit and do the same thing. The opposite applies here as well, so make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who support and encourage your fitness goals.

My community – The Fit Soul Tribe – is an online tribe of heart-centered women who are on the same journey. They are wanting a health and lifestyle transformation, and they are surrounded by a community of women daily who are working toward this same thing. It’s amazing how much someone can raise you up to get to that next level where you are wanting to go.

3. Make it Easy

Reduce the friction in getting your workout done. You might think that in order for you to hit your fitness or weight loss goals, you have to be working out for an hour every day. But, what you might find (or what’s probably happened to you in the past) is that you’re making it far too difficult on yourself, and before you know it, you’ve already quit.

You don’t have to be doing hard or incredibly long and grueling workouts in order to achieve your fitness goals. My Fit Soul Programs all include workouts (via an app to make it even easier for you) that are 10-30 minutes and that can be done anywhere, without a gym or equipment.

Don’t over complicate your fitness. Make it easy for you to stick with it!

Need a quick, simple workout for today? Try out this Tight Mama Toning workout – my Fit Soul Tribe LOVES these short, effective workouts – and I know you will too!

4. Make it Satisfying and Rewarding

Give yourself some reinforcement and rewards for sticking with your fitness plan. Get a habit tracker so you can keep track of your progress, and then reward yourself when you reach a certain point.

One of the ladies in my Fit Soul Tribe rewards herself with non-food treats every 3 weeks if she is staying on track. She gives herself mini-goals, like exercising 4 days a week, and once she achieves that goal, she will go buy herself a new tube of lipgloss or other inexpensive, fun treat. Another member buys herself a new pair of workout pants at TJMaxx when she achieves her mini-goals.

Our Tribe loves being able to keep each other accountable with our daily check-ins, and it’s even more fun to encourage each other to keep moving forward in order to hit those goals!

If you are struggling to stay consistent and hit your fitness goals, I want to encourage you to start implementing these strategies today! Remember, 1% better every day!

And if you are looking for a plan and accountability, I would love to have you as part of our Fit Soul 6 Slimdown Program! The doors are currently closed, but you’ll be the first to know when the doors open back up when you join the waitlist! Plus, I’ll send you a free gift just for joining the waitlist! I can’t wait to help YOU achieve your fitness and weight loss goals!




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